AUGUST 25th 2011                                                                                                   SHEPTON MALLET AND DISTRICT NEWS
Ghost   hunter,   Nick   Thurston,   has carried      out      a      paranormal investigation     at     a     pub     with extraordinary findings.          Mr   Thurston   is   the   founder   of Cornwall          And          Somerset Paranormal       Entity       Research United    Kingdom    (CASPER    UK) and   organised   the   first   ghostly exploration    at    The    Waggon    & Horses      at      Doulting      Beacon earlier this month.             Mr    Thurston,    from    Frome, approached        landlord        and landlady,   Mike   and   Dawn   Corp, and   took   along   11   members   of the   group   including   his   fiancee Briege Goodman. He   said,   “   The   old   coaching   inn didn’t        disappoint        on        a paranormal   front.   When   setting up    for    the    investigation    myself and      Briege      were      collecting equipment    from    the    car    when we    disturbed    by    the    definite sound    of    a    horse    and    cart    on gravel. Given    that    both    the    road    and carpark   were   Tarmac   made   the experience          even          more inexplicable.” The      investigation      began      at 9.30pm    to    gather    evidence    to support   the   theory   that   the   17th century property is haunted. The    team    began    in    the    upper part   of   the   premises   and   soon things started to happen. He   said,   “   Firstly   strange   lights were captured       on       digital cameras,   fully   charged   batteries
in       our       equipment       were simultaneously     drained     and there     was     a definite     cold draught.          Female      members   of   the group   started   to   experience   an odd    sense    of    itching    and    a pungent   smell   when   we   were communicating   with   a   female presence   via   our   medium   and the     paranormal     equipment.     The    group    also    managed    to pick   up   some   strange   moving lights    on    an    HD    camcorder which responded to questions.”             They    then    moved    to    the main    bar    and    noises    were heard    adjacent    to    the    ladies toilet when it was empty.          Mr   Thurston   said   that   they picked    up    the    presence    of    a man   known   as   George   who   the group   has   encountered   before and    a    31-year-old    man    who passed away in 1967.          Landlady   Dawn   Corp   said, “We   let   Nick   and   his   team   get on    with    it.    There    have    been several     times     when     people have    said    they    have    felt    a presence   in   different   areas   of the   pub.      We   believe   they   are all     friendly     ghosts     and     we wouldn’t    want    to    get    rid    of them   and   it   doesn’t   scare   us   in the least.          It   was   good   for   the   team   to come   in   and   look   at   what   we have   and   then   compare   notes with us on their findings.”

CASPER’s spooky investigations at

old coaching inn run by the Corps

by Claire Watkins

Mendip Ghost stories